Infortrend EonStor DS 3060

Infortrend EonStor DS 3000 series

Infortrend EonStor DS 3000 series

The EonStor DS 3000 series boasts the latest technology, offering scalable storage, fast performance, and assured reliability. Up to 360 drives enable massive capacities, while swappable and redundant components plus data recovery prevent downtime.Thin provisioning included in the package alongside the SANWatch interface for easy deployment and maintenance, as EonStor DS 3000 solutions save costs with efficient power supplies, intelligent cooling, and smart drive activity.

The flagship members of the product range are 4U 60-bay EonStor DS 3060 RAID systems for enterprises that want SAN solutions with high density, large capacity, assured availability, and great performance. EonStor DS 3060 models feature all the highlights of their overall series, including smart media scanning, accelerated performance in operations such as volume rebuild to save time and reduce risk, plus the intuitive and informative SANWatch 3.0 user interface. Of course, they use the same modular hardware design, which makes them easy to maintain and upgrade, as controllers, powers supplies, and fans are all hot-swap for ease of handling. For smoother network integration, multiple onboard 1GbE iSCSI ports come standard.

EonStor DS 3060 systems are perfect for scale-up expansion, growing to a massive 1440TB on as many as 360 drives via JBOD. Even per system, customers can fit 60 drives in a compact 4U form factor, translating into true high density. Drives are arranged vertically in three 20-drive drawers, which can be easily opened and closed with one hand.

Simple to work with, EonStor DS 3060 systems are offered in cost-effective single controller (3060G) and high availability dual controller (3060R) versions, the latter sporting near-instant failover performance so your SAN remains available and downtime is kept at a bare minimum.

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